Service Opportunities

Almost All District 11 Committees Can Use your Help.
All Members are invited to attend the District 11 Meeting
To see how you can be of service. 
3rd Sunday of every month. 3:00 PM.
Central United Methodist Church
269 W. Eldorado
Decatur, IL 62522 

Taylorville AA
Volunteers needed: Pot-luck Committee
For June 10th and future events.
Tim C. 217-825-7595
Jason D. 217-561-1179

Volunteers Needed 
In Corrections Facilities 
and To Help Inmates Work 
The Steps Anonymously Via Mail.
Contact: Lisa C. 217-876-8950

Male and female Volunteers Needed
at The Macon County Jail
Female: Mondays 7:00 PM
Male: Wednesdays 7:00 PM
David L. 217-620-3515 or Decatur Inergroup

Volunteers Needed to Chair Meetings
at The Women’s Prison on Mound Rd. Decatur, IL
David O. 217-864-4378
Mike G. 217-423-6453

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